14 Pineapple-Inspired Goods That Will Make Your Studio Apartment Feel Way More Welcoming

It's not hard to see why pineapples are an obsession for many. Of course they are among the tastiest fruits, and aesthetically they can't be beat. That yellow bottom, that green hat — it's an outfit I wish I was courageous enough to wear.

Besides being tasty, pineapples also serve as inspiration for cheerful pieces of art and fun household decor. Check out these 14 awesome pineapple-inspired pieces that will make your guests always feel welcome.

Image: Studio DIY

mini pineapple upside down cake

Obviously we have to start this by eating some pineapple. Try this mini pineapple upside down cake from A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

pineapple knit tie

This knit tie is perfectly summery and fully functional.

Pineapple Knit Tie, $8,

pineapple stud earrings

Dress up your ears with these stunning studs.

Pineapple Stud Earrings, $9,

pineapple dictionary print

This re-purposed dictionary page is being put to good use with this awesome tropical print.

Pineapple Dictionary Print, $7,

pineapple table runner

This pineapple table runner from Studio DIY is the perfect summer party decor.

Image: Studio DIY

pineapple shaped book

Obviously I don’t need this, but why do I want it so bad?

Pineapple Shaped Book, $25,

pineapple glitter T-shirt

This is about as glamorous as a pineapple can get.

Pineapple Glitter T-shirt, $40,

pineapple burlap banner

Now you can grill up some pineapple right under a pineapple banner.

Pineapple Burlap Banner, $30,

pineapple art print

This looks like just about the coolest reading group ever. Sign me up!

Pineapple Art Print, $15+,

pineapple wall clock

It is always pineapple-o’clock with this awesome wall piece.

Pineapple Wall Clock, $30,

pineapple pillow

Rest your weary head on this pillow — it’s much softer than using an actual fruit.

Pineapple Pillow, $35,

pineapple hand-painted tote

Carry all of those groceries home in this adorable hand-painted tote.

Pineapple Hand Painted Tote, $30,

custom vans

Walk away in style with these perfectly summery custom Vans.

Custom Vans, $130,

pineapple shower curtain

You are probably in need of a new shower curtain anyway, right?

Pineapple Shower Curtain, $68,