Michael Bolton & Sinbad Took A Helicopter Ride & No One Knows What to Make Of It — PHOTO

And you thought Michael Bolton was only relevant in the year 1993 and in the movie Office Space. Now, we have the priceless photo of Michael Bolton taking a helicopter ride with Sinbad, you know, as one does. Here's a special shout-out to Uproxx for pointing out this gem of a photo, which puts together two people who we thought only existed in two separate time capsules, one for family-friendly comedians and one for adult contemporary singers with hair that was once long enough to go into a ponytail.

Anyhow, it looks like the two decided to spend an afternoon flying around together. We don't know where they went, although we can hope that they were engaging in sing-a-longs for the duration of the entire ride. If they were not singing, then hopefully they were recounting their most masculine man-tales, as we can now safely guess that they're bros.

But we've just got to ask: Who should Michael Bolton fly around in a helicopter with next? I've got a few ideas up my sleeve, including Flava Flav, Dennis Rodman, and Celine Dion, but those are just my completely random suggestions. For all that we know, it could just be Bolton+Sinbad On Helicoptaz 4Eva.

Take a look:

We don't know, Michael Bolton. What WERE you getting yourself into?

Image: Twitter