Sarah Hyland’s Boyfriend Matt Prokop Is Better Than “D-Money” & These 7 Facts Prove It

If we could put Sarah Hyland in our pockets and take her everywhere with us, we would. (She's not quite that tiny!) We've come to know her as the hilarious, adorable, and immensely talented portrayer of Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, and while we've learned quite a bit about her character's dating life, the same can't be said for her real life. If you've been wondering whether Hyland, rather than Haley, has a boyfriend, we have your answer. Sarah Hyland is dating fellow actor Matt Prokop. Is he really everything that the Dunphy’s first child and only daughter deserves and needs? Give us a moment to play concerned parent, please.

For a couple of actors in their early twenties, these two are pretty serious. Hyland, 23, and Prokop, 24, have been dating for five years and are currently living together. We feel like we know Hyland after watching her on our tellies for years, but we don’t know nearly enough about Prokop. What are his hobbies? What makes him tick? Is he a butter side up or butter side down type of guy?

After investigating a bit further into Prokop’s character, he appears to be a perfectly wholesome young man and a supportive boyfriend. Definitely not a "D-Money" by any standard. Not to mention, he has a successful acting career in his own right. He also has a few geeky hobbies that make him a totally endearing character.

Without further ado, here are the six things that you need to know about Matt Prokop.

He was in High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Prokop and Hyland met on an audition for High School Musical 3. Prokop was still starting out and didn't take it very seriously. He told the ladies of The View that he didn't even think he would get it, so he figured he may as well check out some ladies. Funny enough, Prokop ended up booking the role and Hyland didn’t. Check out a vintage sweep-banged Prokop out as Jimmie Zara in HSM3:SY below. He sings alongside Sharpay in a clip that’s made for a “where they started” montage.

He Co-Starred with Sarah Hyland in a Disney Movie

The film was called Geek Charming and was released in 2011, two years after the couple began dating and a year after they began living together. In the movie, Hyland plays a prissy high school queen bee and Prokop a brooding AV nerd. Do you smell the unlikely romance a-brewing? How adorkable.

He's a Collector

To say he’s into cartoon character pins would be an understatement. One look at his Instagram, you’ll see a bevy of pictures of collectible Disney pins. Everyone needs a dorky hobby right?

Pins are to Matt Prokop as cookie jars are to Jack Donaghy.

He's Worked with Miley Cyrus

A native Texan, Prokop moved from his hometown to Hollywood at the age of 16 to launch himself into the acting world. His first role was in an episode of Hannah Montana, as non-threatening high school heartthrob Troy McCann. Sigh, Troy McCann!

He’s a Doting Boyfriend and Cook

In an interview with The View, Prokop said that he’s the resident chef of the Hyland-Prokop household. I like him already.

Taylor Swift Is His Selfie Buddy

Add him to her list of besties.

He Stands Up for Sarah

During a horrible incident back in February when Hyland was groped by a fan at an event in Sydney, Prokop took to twitter to tell off the jerk who attacked her. He tweeted:

To the asshole who assaulted Sarah tonight I hope to God you don’t see next week … All Sarah wanted to do tonight was say hi to the girls who were waiting outside one douche can ruin it for everyone. Goodnight.

Well done, Matt! You pass the good-enough-for-Sarah-Hyland test with flying colors!

Image: Matt Prokop/Instagram