Car Slams Into Crowd On Venice Beach Boardwalk

On Saturday evening, a car slammed straight into the crowds on the packed boardwalk of Venice Beach, CA. At least one person — identified as a 32-year-old Italian traveller on her honeymoon — was killed, and almost a dozen more were injured. Less than two hours later, the alleged driver turned himself in to police, and is now being held on bail.

Witnesses told ABC News that it looked like the driver intended to kill as many people as possible, swerving back and forth on the boardwalk and slamming into pedestrians. "He just drove and took that left turn down the center of the boardwalk and just started driving," said one witness. "Bodies were flying in the air and people were screaming. It was absolute mayhem."

Not much is known about Nathan Campbell, 38, the suspect who claimed responsibility for the crash. His bail has been set for $1 million, and he's still being interviewed by police. Police have agreed that it seems as though Campbell acted intentionally, but haven't commented on a motive.

Italian Alice Gruppioni died in a local hospital, and three more victims are in serious to critical condition. Surveillance videos form a nearby café captured a man, allegedly Campbell, parking his car in the area, getting out, jumping back in, and driving toward the boardwalk.

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