Mark Ruffalo Confirms Science Bros Are Back in 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron,' Thank Goodness

The first Avengers movie brought with it a lot of small joys. There was Tom Hiddleston's face, Chris Hemsworth's hair, Chris Evans' patriotic butt, Scarlett Johansson's badassery, the endless group bromancery of the press tour ... the list goes on. And at least one of the onscreen joys was the budding friendship between one Bruce Banner and one Tony Stark — or, as they've become known around the Internet, Science Bros. And according to Mark Ruffalo there'll be plenty more Science Bros. in Avengers: Age Of Ultron .

It’s, oddly enough, a much bigger movie than Avengers One was. It’s a little bit darker. It’s – we get a lot deeper into the character now, since we established them in the first one, so we get to cover a lot more ground. Ultron’s incredible. There’s more stuff with Banner and Tony Stark, more “Science Bros” stuff. And it’s pretty sweeping, it’s pretty epic.

Everything he said there has us psyched. One of the greatest things about Joss Whedon's first Avengers film was his ability to bring all these characters together in a mashup film and still find time for character development alongside character introduction — so it's great to hear that this next film will dive even deeper into the character nitty gritty.

And, y'know, that we'll get more delightful bro bonding, and from two people who are already such bros in real life. I mean, their characters literally drove off together at the end of the first movie to go have science sleepovers together!



Image: Mark Ruffalo/ Instagram ; Tumblr