Where Is The "Charlie Bit My Finger" Davies-Carr Family Now? Still Making Videos!

Back in 2007, the world saw an entirely new brand of cute when Charlie bit his brother's finger. The 56-second long video was first introduced to the world via YouTube on May 22, 2007, and since then, has garnered over 721,563,024 views. Charlie Bit My Finger is the fourth most watched YouTube video of all time, and remains the most watched non-music video clip on YouTube. The film's director as the boys' father, Howard Davies-Carr, and the cast was, of course, Harry Davies-Carr and Charlie Davies-Carr. So where is the adorable duo now?

Before we look into how far they've come, it's probably worth revisiting where they came from. The then 3-year-old Harry and 1-year-old Charlie were simply playing with one another at their home in Thames Valley, England, when their father captured an adorable moment that he wanted to share with his friends and family. The rest, as they say, is history.

So this was never meant to be a viral video?

Not at all. Howard Davies-Carr initially posted the video on YouTube because the file was too large to send via email. After letting the video stay online for a few months, he realized that he had already hit a few thousand views, and that this number was doubling on a nearly daily basis. At that point, he told ABC, he had to ask himself a question: "Is this something that we accept is us and do something more with or is it something we just park and say, 'That's really nothing to do with us,' and then everybody else will be exploiting it and making money from it?"

They accepted it.

What's happened since the video went viral?

While the Davies-Carr family is tight-lipped on how much they've made from Charlie and his biting antics, ABC estimates that as of 2012, the family had already racked up an impressive $500,000. This includes a partnership with YouTube to share in ad revenue, spots in commercials of such companies like Sprint, Google and Tripit, iPhone and Android apps, as well as T-shirts and a potential book deal. The video has also spawned countless parodies, including a recent star-studded version featuring the Hemsworth brothers, and the incomparable Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.


Are there more Charlie videos?

Why yes, yes there are! The Davies-Carr family now boasts its own YouTube channel, where they create home videos for products. Though Howard Davies-Carr initially continued uploading family videos of the young boys, he was later asked to use his family as a sponsor of sorts, and can now be found filming home videos on behalf of companies, like this one for the Top Gear Renault Zoe EV.

HDCYT on YouTube

Hold the phone, there are three Davies-Carr boys?!

Four, in fact! The family has doubled since they first rose to fame in 2007, and now includes Jasper and Rupert Davies-Carr. Rupert, however, did not bite Jasper — or at least, it was not captured on camera, and as such, there is no "Rupert Bit My Finger"...yet. Each Davies-Carr seems to be cuter than the last, and with such a young and large family, it comes as no surprise that their parents are protective of their children's fame. They have declined invitations to appear on American talk shows, and are generally able to fly under the radar, unless of course, Harry makes the mistake of saying "Charlie."

So what do they look like now?

The best documentation of the Davies-Carr boys' growth is probably found on their YouTube channel, but some devoted Twitter fans have also found a few contemporary photos.

Stay real, Davies-Carr boys. We're still watching you.

Image: YouTube/HDCYT