Boeing 676 Narrowly Avoids Crashing Into Airbus A340 On Barcelona Runway — VIDEO

Well, somebody messed up. In Barcelona, two passenger planes almost collided when a Russian UTair Boeing 767 attempted to land just as an Aerolineas Argentina Airbus A340 was leisurely making its way across the runway. Thankfully, the pilot of the Russian flight pulled up at the last minute, averting what undoubtedly would have been a fiery, horrific demise for everybody involved. Miguel Angel, who the Telegraph describes as a “plane enthusiast,” caught the near-disaster on film, and called it “one of the worst experiences I have ever had.”

Ultimately, everything worked itself out. The Russian plane circled around the airport while the other one got out of the way, then landed without incident. Shortly thereafter, the Argentinian jet took flight.

Because of the angle at which the footage was shot, it’s difficult to perceive how close the planes were to one another. According to Spanish authorities, there would have been enough room for the Russian jet to land even if it hadn’t pulled up, which is a very easy thing to say after the fact, when there was no collision and everything ended up all right.

This was the second time in a week that two passenger planes almost crashed into each other. On Thursday, a Singapore Airlines jumbo 77 and a Delta Airlines A320 came within a half-mile horizontally and 200 feet vertically of one another above Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, which is well short of federal aviation standards.

BBC News on YouTube