Fox Has Some Stellar Advice For Working Women

Fox News is offering career tips for women now, and not the good kind. During Fox and Friends on Monday, author Sylvia Ann Hewlett spoke about her new book, Executive Presence, which offers the Do's and Don'ts of interviewing for women who want to get a leg up on the competition. Here's a Do: "Wear simple, statement clothes - well-cut jeans with a colorful top." Here's a Don't: Don't "raise your voice under pressure." Oh, and ladies? You "shouldn't talk too much" during meetings, either.

Hewlett says you need to "fit in with flair" depending on the job you're looking to secure. For instance, Hewlett says, "On Wall street, a well cut skirt, that's the way to go. The great good news of this book is of convincing your colleagues that you have what it takes to be picked out for the next big opportunity." Also, remember to keep your voice down, ladies! Hewlett says that also applies to men. "Voices get higher when you're stressed out. If you bring it down, it does amazing things to your control."

As for not talking too much, Hewlett says she interviewed many women who were raised in the south and were taught to "fill the air with words" because "that's being a good hostess." But rambling "underminds you," says Hewlett. Host Steve Doocy asked Hewlett if that meant that women shouldn't "talk too much" and she replied: "Exactly."

In the same segment, Fox and Friends interviewed "Princeton mom" Susan Patton, who is serving up advice for women straight out of the 1950s. Ready for this? Patton says women need to focus less on getting ahead in their careers, and more concerned with finding and keeping a husband. Say what?! Host Doocy asked "when did it happen that men became doormats?"

Patton responded:

I'm telling young women or married women of any age, the first thing— be nice. Stop acting like such an entitled princess. Recognize the fact that there are many women who miss their opportunity entirely to marry and have children. If you're fortunate enough to have found a man to marry, respect him. Embrace the fact that you're building a life together and be nice to him, for goodness sake. ... How difficult would it be to replace this man?...If you're in your mid-30s or older, the idea that you're going to find yourself another husband, almost impossible. And if you don't believe me, ask your maiden aunt. She will tell you when shes done feeding the cats.

Who is to blame for all of this? Why, it's the feminists, of course. Patton says years ago, the needs of women were ignored and now that's all we seem to focus on today. Feminists have "overcorrected" women "to the point where we are so all about women's priorities and women's balancing." Patton says men are doing the same things that women are doing, trying to strike a work-life balance. "Women have become so emboldened by these antagonistic feminists that they've lost sight of the fact that this is the man you married."

So what does Patton suggest? Well, for one, be nice to the man you married. Oh, and also kiss the ground he walks on like you're a 1950s housewife. "It's a nice idea to say to your husbands... how was your day? Can I make you a drink? What would you like for dinner? What can I do to make your evening more enjoyable right now? They're not doing that anymore."

Image: Fox News