Could These 6 Be Back On TV?

Hey, did you love Friends? (Of course you loved Friends who didn't love Friends ?) It looks like we will be getting more brilliant comedy from a former writer and executive producer of the beloved NBC sitcom — according to Variety, Scott Silveri has inked a three-year deal with 20th Century Fox TV. That's awesome news for Friends fans because it may very well mean that we'll be seeing even more Friends alumni on our televisions. Silveri was responsible for bringing Joey to the small screen, and, more recently, created the show Go On, starring resident jokester Matthew Perry. Though Joey received "meh" reviews and Go On was cancelled in its first season, it's always great to see a familiar "friend" back on the small screen.

Could Silveri's new deal with 20th Century Fox TV mean we'll be seeing more of the Central Perk gang? Let's hope so. Though Silveri isn't currently working on a specific project with a Friends cast member, his past with Perry and Matt LeBlanc on Go On and Joey do bode well for the promise of a writer-actor reunion. Here are the cast members we'd love to see Silveri bring back to the small screen.

Courteney Cox

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Cougar Town was just renewed by TBS for its final season, which means that, come next year, Cox is out of the sitcom game once again. Though she starred in television drama Dirt prior to her time on Cougar Town, I think everyone would agree that Cox's talents are better served in the comedic landscape. Silveri could write an awesome new sitcom with Cox as the lead — preferably one where she downs a whole lotta wine.

Lisa Kudrow

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Kudrow is busy with the comeback of The Comeback , but given that the show only has a 6-episode series, she'll have plenty of time to work with Silveri. She works best with zany, wacky characters (Valerie and Phoebe, hello!) and Silveri can certainly write them. And please, can we have her sing again?

Jennifer Aniston

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Aniston hasn't starred on a television series since Friends, but she hasn't lost her funny. She may be a huge comedic movie star, but she desperately needs to come back into our lives on a weekly basis. I'd watch a single cam sitcom starring Aniston any day.

Paul Rudd

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Remember Phoebe's later-season beau Mike? Rudd's a bonafide movie star, but would make an excellent addition to any sitcom cast. I'd love to see him paired with Kudrow once again on a project — for a late-in-the-game Friends cast member, he was able to squeeze himself into one of the tightest-knit groups on television, and that says a lot about Kudrow and Rudd's natural chemistry. Mike and Phoebe forever.

David Schwimmer

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Schwimmer's had numerous guest roles on television series in the past decade, including a guest spot on 30 Rock and an arc on Kudrow's TV show Web Therapy. Lately the actor who starred as one half of RachelAndRoss has been working on directing — he directed the films Run, Fatboy, Run and Trust and has directed episodes of numerous television shows, including two episodes of Silveri's Joey and 10 of Friends. If Silveri needs a TV director for his new series, why not call upon his old paleontologist buddy?

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