Kelly Osbourne's New Boyfriend Has a Giant Beard & Likes to Be Licked

Kelly Osbourne is no stranger to to the limelight, especially after starring in her family's wacky yet endearing reality television show, The Osbournes, at the ripe age of 17. Since the show's end in 2005, Osbourne has kept a nearly squeaky clean reputation and become a fashion guru and E! network staple. But recently, the purple-haired Brit has been making headlines. Not for anything bad though, just due to her new partly-shaved hairdo and subsequent head tattoo (ouch!). So what's with her new do'? Is it a post-breakup look? It doesn't seem like it because on Tuesday, after posting a rather interesting photo on Instagram, Kelly Osbourne and her new boyfriend got some attention together. Or, at least he appears to be her new boyfriend — they are literally licking each other's tongues in the pic.

If you recall, Osbourne broke her engagement to ex-fiancé Matthew Mosshart back in early January, so that would make the new hair cut break-up cliche just a bit too late. Perhaps, her brand spankin' new look has to do with her similarly new, super cute boyfriend. So who is the lucky guy? Well, his name is Ricki Hall and he's a model. Not too shabby, Kelly, not too shabby at all. And by the looks of it, the two are positively smitten with each other. Why else would they be swapping spit in front of the camera?

Here are some facts about Hall to let you get better acquainted with him:

1. He's got a beard even Zeus & Ulysses S. Grant would envy.

2. He's British.

Congratulations to England for another saucy gentleman.

3. He's really into social media.

With over 27.3 THOUSAND tweets and just over 1,600 posts on Instagram, it's clear Hall likes to make his thoughts heard.

And his relationships seen.

4. He's boss enough to have his own collection of sunglasses.

Hall sets the tone for the Underdog line of sunglasses in the UK-based Toy Shades company . And he looks just right modeling them as well.

5. He comes from humble beginnings.

In fact, in this interview with Men Style Fashion, Hall reveals he used to just be a normal mechanic from a small town in England with had no intentions of modeling at all.

6. He's younger than Osbourne, but only by a few years.

He's 26, she's 29, but what he lacks in age he makes up for in facial hair.

Images: Tumblr, Tumblr, Instagram