Halle's Daughter Knows The Secret to Marriage

"How to stay married" sounds like something you'd see on a cover of a magazine that makes your stomach turn, right? Well, what if you found out that Halle Berry's six-year-old daughter wrote an adorable Top Ten list that gives some sage words of wisdom to newlywed couples? What if you also knew that David Letterman read aloud Nahla's very cute advice and you could watch it below? It's all happening.

In case you're wondering how Berry's daughter came to such a precocious idea — you know, to write a list of advice for newlyweds — she explains it was a gift for a friend's recent wedding. Nothing says "'til death do us part" like adorable tokens of wisdom from a six-year-old.

But you gotta admit — it's sweet to see what the secrets are to marriage from the point of view of someone who hasn't had more than a sandbox boyfriend. According to Nahla, some of the secrets to lifelong love are to "have fun and dance" and to "keep your cars together." Perhaps six-year-olds do know best, after all.

You can check it out below!