Rosie O'Donnell Will Return to 'The View' After All & the Network Is Probably Thrilled — REPORT

It's worth noting before I continue that this is in no way official confirmation — ABC has yet to comment on the matter, and nothing will really be official until they do. But, until then: TMZ has a pretty good reputation for being right about things like this, so we'll take it...just with a grain of salt. Anyway, according to TMZ, Rosie O'Donnell will reportedly indeed be returning to The View as a co-host after she abruptly left in 2007 following multiple on-air clashes with former host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Apparently, the show is set to make the announcement "shortly," (HollywoodLife says ABC will reveal the news the TCAs) so until then, we'll just take this as a very, very probable rumor. Good enough — after all, as previously reported, O'Donnell has been in talks to return to her old gig since both Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd are slated to leave the show soon.

Plus, it makes sense: rehiring O'Donnell would seem a good move from ABC's standpoint because her previous stint on the show brought the series some of its best ratings ever. Of course, that was due to her on-air fights with Hasselbeck, but still — the network is likely banking on that. So, expect a lot more on-air fighting!

Of course, we'll have more on this story as it develops.