Is Lisa Rinna the Best Fit For 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Cast?

Bravo might be adding a Hollywood veteran to its colorful reality star roster. According to Fox News, actress Lisa Rinna is reportedly the newest addition to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Judging by her reality TV experience, Rinna will have no problem fitting in with the wives. She held her own amongst the business savvy, professional backstabbers on Celebrity Apprentice, and according to RadarOnline, Rinna's starting her housewife tenure off on the right foot —by feuding with another cast member. But even with all the evidence supporting Rinna as the ideal Housewives candidate, her extensive entertainment background kind of takes the excitement out of having someone new join the show.

Lesser known people make it more interesting because the audience doesn't know what to expect from them. We already know a ton about Rinna's personal and professional lives, thereby eliminating most (if not all) questions viewers would normally have about a new cast member. Rinna's reality TV appearances allow us to form pretty solid opinions on how she might interact with the RHOBH cast, which lowers anticipation, as well.

Besides, there's nothing like watching someone transform from a reality TV newbie into a caricature of themselves who's dead-set on hawking products, launching a singing career, forming and ending friendships by the minute, and getting bigger extensions and more glamorous makeup.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But it will be interesting to see if the Beverly Hills women will treat Rinna as an outsider onscreen, at least, or if she'll be subjected to the same hazing process that happens with the other new housewives. For instance, will they welcome her with open arms and a huge smile, then immediately insult her when she leaves the table or limo? Oh wait — that's not hazing. That's the entire foundation of this wonderfully awful franchise.

If Rinna does indeed join the cast, surely she will find a way to make it work in her favor. Watching her pull off an impressive Britney Spears impersonation on Sing Your Face Off shows that even though she's not new to reality TV, she's definitely committed to playing her part.