6 Things From the Early 2000s "Kids React" Should Get Their Hands on Next

Ah, kids these days. Whippersnappers. Rugrats. Tykes. You get the drill: Millennials and their elders are starting to feel really old, helped along by the fact that the '90s seem to officially be vintage and old Gameboys are freaking children out. You'd think we'd have reached peak saturation over the past few years with the mass rising of the "'90s kid," but alas: Turns out there's no expiration date for feeling old, it just kind of keeps going 'til you die.

Which got us thinking on some other things we'd love to see kids react to...

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They played 30-second clips of hit songs. Just 30 seconds. Over and over and over again. The days before the iPod were dark days.

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A handheld digital pet you could carry with you to third grade and forget to feed until it died. Image: YouTube

Snap Bracelets

Mainly, we’d love to see these make their way back into the zeitgeist.

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“You have to rewind it to the beginning every time??

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Floppy Disks

Just see if they can figure out what the hell it’s even for.

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Nokia phones

Unkillable bricks only useful for making phone calls and playing snake.

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