Trailer For 'Love, Rosie' With Lily Collins & Sam Claflin Proves It May Be More Than Your Average RomCom — VIDEO

I'll admit it: I'm usually not one for sappy romantic comedies, even if they have the realistic ending of the two main characters not getting together at the end because life gets in the way (though I do appreciate the fact that some romcoms have this ending, because, yes — life always gets in the way). However, gotta say, based off the first trailer for the Lily Collins- Sam Claflin-starring Love, Rosie , this one may actually be pretty cute.

First off: It stars Collins and Claflin, two of Hollywood's most promising younger stars right now. Secondly, the plot — while slightly generic — seems to move beyond being just another romantic comedy about teens: The story instead spans years, following main characters and best friends Rosie (Collins) and Alex (Claflin) as they leave school in Dublin and head their separate paths in life despite holding a very clear torch for one another. Long story short, Rosie and Alex both have promising futures, but when Rosie ends up pregnant after a mishap with her crush on prom night, she makes the decision to give up university to raise a child while Alex heads off to Harvard University with a scholarship. Obviously, the distance and their subsequent relationships with other people (I see you, Suki Waterhouse!) don't get in the way of their mutual romantic feelings for one another. Also, the entire thing is based off of the 2004 book Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern, which is constructed solely of letters, texts, and emails sent between Alex and Rosie.

Like I said, generic. But if there's anyone who has the chops to make it emotional as well, it's definitely Collins and Claflin.

Check out the trailer below, as well as a brand-new poster for the film. While there's no release date stateside yet, Love, Rosie will hit theaters in the UK this October.

Image: Lionsgate