BaubleBar x FRENDS Headphones Are The Perfect Amount Of Sparkle — Here Are 7 Other Things We Wish Came With Matching Earrings

The latest matching fashion trend is not a cropped top and skirt combo, but instead a pair of glitzy headphones and matching earrings. FRENDS has partnered with BaubleBar to design a fashionable and trendy edition of embellished headphones. BONUS: the headphones come with matching earrings that will add another dose of sparkly accessories to your music loving ears. Personally, this confuses me, because whenever I wear earrings with over-ear headphones, they stab me in the back of the neck. But okay, I'll go with it.

This collab edition includes two headphone-earring sets of headphones/earrings in two colorways: rose gold and white, and black and gold. Launching on Tuesday, the headphones are crafted from real leather and real diamond gems — just kidding, the jewels are totally plastic. But they still look really, really cool. 

And, okay, fine. I guess headphones and earrings do make sense as a complete package, even if you probably wouldn't wear these dangly things at the same time as you jam out to "Problem." And, for a cool $175, you can look awesomely stylish while you do it. But what other things should come with a free set of matching earrings? I mean, we can now get necklaces that match our favorite smartphone emojis, so shouldn't the rest of our life come pre-accessorized? Here are 7 more things I wish came automatically with a matching pair of studs or chandeliers. 

1. Sunglasses 

Choosing the right sunglasses for your face can sometimes be a daunting task, but can you imagine how amazing it would be if when you finally found one it came with a pair of fabulous matching earring? 

2. Cars 

Shopping for a new car can be overwhelming and expensive especially if you don't know what you're looking for, but how cool would it be if before driving the car off the lot after purchase you got a pair of matching earrings? Shaped like tires, of course.

3. Ice Cream Cones

Pretty nails are holding pretty ice cream cones this summer, but I'd say an ice cream cone with a matching set of earrings is even sweeter. 

4. Sneakers

Converse are my all time favorite sneakers and I think the only way they could get better is with a pair of matching earrings at the cash register. 

5. Boyfriends

Especially ones of the model variety. 

6. Morning Lattes 

Coffee and earrings just happen to be two of my favorite things. 

7. Nail Polish 

Women match their nails and lips all the time so why not pair your latest manicure with a matching set of earrings? I'm honestly shocked this doesn't exist yet.

Images: Courtesy of FRENDS; Getty Images

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