Farrah's Now Doing Sexy Photo Shoots With Corpses

Most people would think that posing next to dead bodies would be, you know, a bad thing, but Teen Mom Farrah Abraham thinks posing with corpses is sexy. Or should I say, sexxxy. In her latest Keek video, the reality star turned porn star revealed that she just came from a glamorous photo shoot for Girls & Corpses magazine. Mmm hmm! Not only is that a real publication, but our Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom has posed for it, and is going to be on the cover. She hopes it's going to be the best cover of all time, natch.

So just what can you expect from Farrah's latest venture? She'll be half-to-mostly naked and she'll be standing/laying/sitting next to zombies/corpses/burnt out bodies. Don't worry, it looks like most of the dead people aren't really dead, or never were actually people, so it's not like any real human souls were harmed in the making of this photo shoot (except for ours, of course.)

The magazine prides itself on being the "most ridiculous magazine" of all time, as the Huffington Post once called it, and brags about putting the "feel" back in necrophilia — a quick look at their online presence and one is instantly transported back to the wonderful time when women were just pretty objects to be staged next to the undead.

Farrah's feature in Girls & Corpses should come out relatively soon, and when it does, kiddos, be sure to empty out that piggy bank — you're definitely going to want to spring for a signed copy of this epic memento of pop culture. Teen bride Courtney Stodden posed for the rag back in the spring, and her signed issue went for an astounding $8.95. Start saving your pennies now.

No word on how much Farrah was paid to debase herself like this, but she did get a free tank top, so there's that.

Watch her share the exciting news: