Meryl Streep as Hillary Clinton? YES, PLEASE

Stop whatever you're doing, because this is an extremely important — no, lifechanging — message from the queen of everything amazing, Hillary Clinton: In a recent video interview with The Guardian, Hillary Clinton revealed she'd want Meryl Streep to play her in a movie about her life, because "of course."

Excuse me while I go scream "YAAAAAAS" outside my window.

"If I had a choice, it would be Meryl Streep, of course!" Clinton reportedly said "without any hesitation," according to ABC News .

This would be perfect! After all, Streep portrayed Margaret Thatcher brilliantly, so it's only right that she portray Clinton on-screen as well. Plus, Streep and Clinton's powerful lady friendship has gone on for a while now, with Streep even introducing Clinton at the 2012 Women in the World Summit with the sweetest little speech that I'm now seeing as foreshadowing (clearly, Streep just has to play Clinton in a movie): "I find a lot of similarities: We’re roughly the same age, we both have two brothers — mine are annoying — we both grew up in middle-class homes with spirited, big-hearted mothers who encouraged us to do something valuable and interesting with our lives. We both went from public high schools to distinguished women’s colleges.… We both went on to graduate school at Yale."

Also, of course, let's not forget their legendary selfie, which Streep donated to shuttertothink.org for charity.

Somewhere in some alternate universe where Pawnee is a real place, Leslie Knope is freaking out right now and probably beginning to work on the script for the biopic herself.

Image: shuttertothink.org