9 Waterproof Electronics Accessories To Take You To The Beach and Back

It's finally beach season, and for those who enjoy active outdoor pursuits, that means water sports. Whether you love a quick dip in the pool to cool off, enjoy a fitness-friendly paddle boarding session, or get a thrill from jumping on a jet ski, most (if not all) water-bound recreation is not tech-friendly. Even reading by the pool, you're one good splash away from a short-circuited cellphone. Luckily, the tech industry has both you and your electronics covered with its fresh crop of waterproof accessories. Here are my nine top picks for water-repellent accessories, so you can be wired-in, chic, and active all at the same time.

LifeProof fre iPhone Case

Reviewers rave that this handy little case repels everything from wayward water droplets to more sizable splashes.

LifeProof fre iPhone 5/5s Case, $79.99,

Otterbox Preserver Series

If you’ve ever owned an Otterbox phone case, you’re aware of the company’s devotion to hardy products that can stand quite a few knocks, drops, and other accidents. The new Preserver series functions in much the same way, with the added benefit of being waterproof.

Otterbox Preserver Series for iPhone 5S, $89.95, (Also Available For Samsung Galaxy)

Incipio Atlas Waterproof Ultra-Rugged Case

If you’re searching for a case that’s adorable and wave-proof, look no further than Incipio’s Atlas Case.

Incipio Atlas Waterproof Ultra-Rugged Case for iPhone 5, $79.99,

OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case

If you’re planning a voyage with your iPad and worry about the effects of saltwater on your data, OverBoard’s Waterproof iPad Case is your solution.

OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case, $43.13,

Lifeproof Nuud Case

Consumers agree that most products by Lifeproof are in fact life-proof and electronics-preserving, but this Nuud case just so happens to come in a range of vibrant shades as well.

Lifeproof Nuud Case for iPhone 5s, $89.99,

Blue 7 Inch Waterproof Tablet Pouch Dry Bag Case

If you’re worried that a simple case isn’t enough to keep your tablet dry, why not bag it? This Waterproof Tablet Pouch seals up to keep damaging moisture at bay.

Blue 7 Inch Waterproof Tablet Pouch Dry Bag Case, $4.23,

Trident Wave 3 Waterproof Case

If the adorable name and sweet yellow shade don’t immediately grab you, the Trident Wave 3 Waterproof Case’s water-repelling powers will sway you.

Trident Wave 3 Waterproof Case For The iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c and Other Smart Phones, $41.95,

Aquapac Large Whanganui Waterproof Case 668

Looking to keep larger items free from water damage, or store more than just a cellphone? Amazon customers gave the Aquapac Large Case 4.4 out of 5 stars for its trusty composition and hefty size.

Aquapac Large Whanganui Waterproof Case 668, $44.05,

Redpepper Paperwhite Hard Tablet Shell

The only thing worse than having your Kindle battery die at the beach is having it get ruined completely by a rogue wave. With this case, you can even read underwater, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Redpepper Paperwhite Hard Tablet Shell for Kindle, $30.99,