Jane Lynch Tackles the Important Issue of Being "Noseblind" in Hilarious PSA — VIDEO

Jane Lynch (or Lane Jynch, if you will) is stepping up as a crusader in the long, hard-fought battle against... bad smells? Jane Lynch appears in a new PSA for Funny or Die and Febreze about those wicked smells that you get used to, but that everyone around you is all too horrifically aware of. The condition better known as being "noseblind." Okay, you know exactly what that is. Like, when you go to a friend's house and said house has a very distinct smell and you wonder if they notice it or have simply adapted to a house that smells like old pancakes. (They have.) Then you wonder if your house has a smell, too. (It does.)

In this clip, Lynch — who has appeared in Funny or Die videos before (including her hilarious carpool ride with her Glee co-star Matthew Morrison) — holds an intervention for a group of women who have all but ignored the lingering, pungent odors of cooked fish or a house full of cats in their own homes.

While the Emmy-winning actress — who delivers her trademark dry, biting line delivery in the clip — suggests that to treat "noseblindness" you should "leave town, change your name, burn your fingerprints, and start anew." Of course, since this is technically an ad for Febreze, there's a much simpler solution to all that. (Hint: it's Febreze.)

Watch the new "PSA" here: