Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon are Getting a Divorce Because It's 2007 All Over Again

Pamela Anderson is trying to give us all relationship whiplash. Back in January 2014, Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon got remarried — as in married a second time, yes — in a private ceremony that was only revealed by Anderson waving her new ring around like it was going out of style. However, now Anderson has filed for divorce from Salomon. No, you're not looking at a headline from 2007; Anderson and Salomon are really getting a second divorce only a few months after their second wedding.

The first time Salomon and Anderson got married was back in 2007 and that union only lasted two months, although the marriage would not be officially dissolved until 2008. This time, they made it five months before calling it quits and this is getting kind of embarrassing. According to an US Weekly source, Anderson had been regretting the marriage as early as June, but now things are finally official. Salomon and Anderson have been spending time together since fall 2013 before getting married again in January 2014 and it's clear they probably should have let the courtship go on for a lot longer than just less than half a year.

Getting back together with an ex is always tricky. There's a reason that you broke up with them in the first place and, just because they or you seem like different people when you meet again, that doesn't necessarily mean that the things that drove you apart have just gone away overnight. That seems to be the case with Anderson and Salomon.

This marks the end of Anderson's fourth marriage (although, to be fair, two of those marriages were to Rick Salomon) and it's hard to say at this point what this means for the future of Salomon and Anderson. Does the fact that she married him again indicate that they are the kind of couple who are always going to find their way back to each other in the end? Clearly there's something there, even if it's true that they should probably stop bringing marriage licenses into it. Or does the fact that she divorced him again mean that these two need to be kept as far away from each other, and a court of law, as possible?

On the bright side, at least there are some celebrity marriages that have lasted less time than Anderson and Salomon's second one. (We're still looking at you, Brittany Spears.)