'Frozen' & 'OITNB' Parody Is a Hilarious Look at Disney Princesses in Litchfield — VIDEO

What would Litchfield Prison look like if it were filled with Disney princesses? Thanks to YouTuber Only Leigh's Frozen/Orange Is the New Black mashup, we now know it would be awesome. The clip trades Piper for Elsa, who's in lockup after she loses control of her powers and freezes Arendelle. But it turns out, all the other Disney princesses are also in jail. Red is swapped for Brave's Merida who just wants to find that one bear who is smarter than all the other bears and absorb its power. Snow White is Morello daydreaming of her wedding with Prince Charming, Gaston is Pornstache, and Mulan is Elsa's very own prison wife.

The mashup pulls from several OITNB story lines, like the one where Piper goes off on a rant about being starved out and felt up. Only in Elsa's rant, she's annoyed that people call her Adele Dazeem. Poor John Travolta, we are never gonna let that one go.

If you only do one thing today, it should be that you watch this video. I know, there are a lot of OITNB parodies and a lot of Frozen ones, but this mashup is truly special. There's something about Disney meets prison that's incredibly entertaining. But if you need more convincing, I can tell you that at least in this parody, no one sings "Let It Go."

Check it out below:

OnlyLeigh on YouTube

Image: Only Leigh/YouTube