Video of Saddest Man at the World Cup Gets a Fitting Simon & Garfunkel Soundtrack — VIDEO

If there's one thing that we should all take away from the FIFA World Cup, it's that international soccer games can yield some serious emotions. We've seen rage, we've seen joy, we've seen anguish, we've seen sadness — and sorry, Brazil, now we can see even more sadness, with this video of the saddest man at the World Cup. This poor old man, his hat, and his trophy are completely crestfallen, but unlike that bawling Brazil fan who mourned Brazil's loss like he was watching The Fault In Our Stars and his cat die at the same time, this guy is displaying the ultimate kind of sadness: the silent kind. And you know what's even sadder than that? "The Sound of Silence." Hello darkness, my old friend.

Whoever had the idea to take this shot of this man at the pretty sad Brazil vs. Germany game on Tuesday night, zoom in on the guy, and add some good ol' Simon and Garfunkel as a soundtrack, is a genius. Not only does this video make you want to give this old chap a hug, but you may also find yourself feeling like you, too, are alone in the universe. There's something about Simon and Garfunkel's classic song that just washes you with a wave of isolating sadness (and also makes you want to re-watch The Graduate, but that's beside the point).

But for now, rather than drowning in your own desolation, just give this guy an Internet hug and check out this video.

Joe Bell on YouTube

Image: Joe Bell/YouTube