Frontier Airlines Hero Pilot Hands Out Pizza To Delayed Passengers Like A Boss

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If you've ever had your flight delayed, you know it's one of the most frustrating experiences in the world. Apparently, the pilot on this Frontier Airlines flight knows all too well, because Captain Berhard Brandner treated the delayed-flight passengers to pizza, turning a stressful situation into a party. Smart move, because it is commonly known in the scientific community that pizza is the quickest way to turn a frown upside down.

The Frontiers Airline plane was bound for Denver when stormy weather forced the plane to divert to Cheyenne, Wyoming, for nearly two hours Monday evening. The flight's 160 passengers presumably grumbled, and their stomachs did, too. And since the detour began right around dinnertime, a lightbulb went off for the pilot Brandner — a true American hero!

"He said 'Ladies and gentleman, Frontier Airlines is known for being one of the cheapest airlines in the U.S., but your captain is not cheap,'" Logan Marie Torres, a passenger on the flight, told Fox affiliate KDVR. "'I just ordered pizza for the entire plane.'"

It's safe to assume cheers followed and everyone stopped sending their friends texts like "God, this is the worst" and started texting "Bet you wish you were here!" Because a delayed flight is no match for the transformative powers of a pizza party.

Just look at those beaming faces. You totally wish you were on that plane right now, don't you? Don't worry, so do we. Here are all the reasons this was the happiest delayed flight in history.

Because 38 Pizzas

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According to Adam Ritchie, the manager of a Cheyenne Domino's, his staff ended up making 38 pizzas to feed the flight's 160 passengers. That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Pizza.

Because Pizza Is Infinitely Better Than Airplane Food

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Torres recalled to KDVR that the captain "realized we had all gone without real substance for hours longer than planned." And by real sustenance, he definitely didn't mean the chicken or fish they usually serve on flights. He meant pizza.

Because It Gave the Domino's Staff a Fun Challenge

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Ritchie told the Associated Press that his store usually makes 38 pizzas in an hour, but this time they had to do it in half the time. "Actually, [the employees] were super excited. They had a blast. It was a challenge," he said. "It was definitely one of those 'challenge accepted' moments in time." In other words, pizza brightened the day for all parties involved.

Because It Was the Best Excuse for a Late Dinner

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You know how you get really hungry sometimes right before bed and you're tempted to just mow down a burger and pass out? But every single website, magazine, and healthy person has told you it's a no-no? Well, a delayed flight might be the best exception to that rule.

Ritchie told the AP that he received the delivery order right around 10 p.m., and the passengers got their pizzas 30 minutes later, just in time for take-off. It's safe to say that everyone on board was full and happy by the time they reached their final destination of Denver just after midnight.