A Seinfeld Emoji App Is Coming Your Way, So Now You Can Text About Nothing – PHOTO

Sometimes, there just aren't enough emojis to express what you really want to say — especially when you just want to say "yada yada yada." For all of your Seinfeld-ism needs, the very awesome Instagram user Seinfeld2000, the man behind the " Seinfeld Current Day" Twitter, and a few of his television-minded cohorts went ahead and created Seinfeld emojis. The entire world should erupt in thunderous applause upon hearing this, because now you can express yourself as though you exist in the Seinfeld universe with the most unifying linguistic institution of all, emojis. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The emojis are available via an app that's apparently coming very soon, and whenever that is, it's going to be a pretty awesome time. Not only will the universe be able to finally text an emoji Jerry Seinfeld, but now, humans of the world will be able to text things like, "Meet me at the [DINER EMOJI] we'll have [COFFEE EMOJI], and today, my spirit animal is [ELAINE EMOJI], watch me awkwardly dance [WEIRD EMOJI OF THOSE DANCING GIRLS]."

And now, let us all celebrate by doing this:

And now, prepare yourself to live out your dream of finally telling that friend that he's a total George Costanza. Some things can only be expressed via little images of Seinfeld characters.

Images: NBC; Giphy; Seinfeld2000/Instagram