You Really Don't Need to Contour Your Collarbone

Collarbones are crazy sexy. They're definitely one of my favorite body parts on women and one of the areas I'm most into on my own body. That being said, there's just no need to contour your collarbones. Unless you're a professional dancer or an actress who walks the red carpet on the reg, please feel free to wear a strapless dress without putting a makeup brush to your clavicles.

Cheryl Wischhover of Fashionista noted that contouring is "essentially stage makeup" and not really meant for your morning coffee run. Instead, she suggests using the technique at events such as "your wedding, a red carpet event, or anytime you'll be photographed with your chest and shoulders exposed. However, since it's the season of exposed collarbones, feel free to do this the next time you throw on something strappy to head out for drinks."

But I say, do we really need to be contouring our collarbones?! Like, they're already bones. How much more contoured can you possibly get? I just can't get behind the idea of throwing makeup on every inch of our bodies because we just aren't good enough without it. Makeup is super fun — I wear plenty — and so I'm not criticizing those who like to play around and experiment. I'm also not sure collarbone contouring should be the hot new makeup technique. Can't we just stick with variations on the cat eye? Call me old-fashioned.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do we think Lucy Liu is rocking a contoured neckline here?

Do what you will with your body, but I want all you women (and makeup-loving men) to understand that your collarbones are fly without a stitch of makeup, as is the rest of you. Makeup is awesome and fun, but by no means necessary. Especially below the neck.