World's Most Gorgeous Baby on Board?!

If you've always imagined Ryan Gosling as the future father of your children, well, get in line behind everyone who saw The Notebook. And also, apparently, Eva Mendes — at least, according to this shady new rumor. According to OK! magazine, Mendes is seven months pregnant with Gosling's baby and you're just hearing about this news today. (Hear that, world? You're seven months behind on the news of the future Baby Mendes-Gosling.)

Before you start kicking yourself for not examining Mendes's stomach in red carpet shots closely enough, know that there is practically no way this rumor is true. For one thing, it's from OK! magazine, the same publication that tells its readers that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant several times a year. Sorry, OK!, but if anyone is seven months pregnant — let alone a celebrity! — we're bound to find out well before the final trimester. I mean, you do realize that Mendes's stomach is examined essentially any time she takes a photo, right?

I have no idea who told OK! that Mendes was with child, but I'm thinking that whoever did it is a big, fat liar. And that's not okay.

Come on now — even Gosling doesn't buy it... right?!

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