These Dressing Rooms Give Pre-recorded Compliments

The dressing room can be a cruel, cruel place — the 360-degree mirrors, the fluorescent lighting, the super small quarters that make you sweat from claustrophobia (maybe that's just me?)...ugh. It's enough to make me commit to online shopping for good. One UK plus-size retailer totally agrees and is making trying on clothes a better and more pleasant experience. According to Get West London, Yours Clothing is installing interactive changing rooms that offers customers pre-recorded compliments in their store at UXBridge.

No, it won't be creepy. They're available on demand, so if you'd rather try on your clothes in peace and quiet, you don't have to hear them. But who couldn't use some positive reinforcement? It's like shopping with your best friend, except you can keep the compliments coming as much as you want.

Resh Dorka, Sales and Marketing Director at Yours Clothing said, “We are excited to be opening a store in Uxbridge and the store joins a portfolio of many new store openings that will offer our customers a unique shopping experience."

In addition to offering their customers dressing room praise, Yours Clothing will also have in-store stylists to assist shoppers on the floor.

There's no word on what the compliments will say and whether they'll be in the voice of a woman or a man (hopefully it'll be the former). What do you think? Would you be open to trying on clothes and receiving compliments from a fitting room robot?