Proof Going Gray is Awesome At Any Age

by Erin Mayer

There's a new hair color trend sweeping the Internet — going gray. A model and actress named Cheeno has been getting a lot of attention recently for her stunning mop of curly and, yes, gray hair. The look is especially striking because Cheeno is young — but she's just proving that gray hair can be gorgeous on people of any age!

According to the Huffington Post, Cheeno was inspired by Kelly Osbourne going gray back in 2012. She told the website that she initially used extensions to get the look before going through the extensive dying process. The hard work certainly paid off because she looks incredible and I'm now glaring at my brunette locks in the reflection of my laptop screen and cursing the still-vibrant pigment. HuffPo also reports that she washes her hair with TRESemme Keratin Smooth Conditoner and likes to contrast her light hair with bold lip colors.

Going gray while young is a bold move, but if you're interested it certainly isn't impossible. All you need is some patience (and a few tools, of course). Thankfully in this digital age, other people have gone out and done the trial-and-error work for you and there are plenty of useful tutorials available on YouTube, some of which I'll share here. And, of course, this is amazing news for anyone who's going prematurely gray — you can save money on hair dye every six weeks if you just embrace your silver strands. But first, some inspiration in the form of Cheeno.


If you're a commitment-phobe but like they gray hair look, here's a tutorial that explains a quick and easy way to get the color.

And here's a step-by-step video showcasing a slightly different method.

Images: cheeno_grey/Instagram