Pornhub Begs Everybody To Quit Uploading That Germany-Brazil Game, And Naming It This

Oh, dear. Apparently, Pornhub users just can't stop posting that Brazil-Germany World Cup game to Pornhub under the title "Young Brazilians get fucked by entire German Soccer Team." Really. According to Mediaite, the flood of Brazil-Germany World Cup posts started minutes after the game ended on Tuesday.

A refresher: Germany outscored home country Brazil 7-1, not only knocking the team out of World Cup contention but also delivering a very public, very brutal and very tragic humiliation. It was the most goals scored during a World Cup game since 1934, and Germany became the first team to score five goals in the first 29 minutes of any World Cup game, ever.

To say the least, it was a horrific game for Brazilians (but probably a very good day for Germany).

In any case, people around the globe were also excited by Brazil's beat down. Pornhub has removed all of the World Cup videos, but more videos continue to show up on the popular pornography website. In fact, Pornhub users just can't stop getting off on the thought of the Brazilian football team being completely washed out on their home turf.

The number of "watch Brazilians get fucked by the German football team" videos led to Pornhub representatives politely asking their users to please, stop posting the World Cup match.

Of course, we could always say Pornhub Katie started this mess in the first place. After all, she did tweet a porn euphemism during the Brazil-Germany game.

And Pornhub Katie also couldn't seem to stop re-tweeting some porn-tastic Brazil-Germany football jokes.

But, you know, the joke is getting old and Pornhub Katie is right: There are other things to watch on Pornhub. Let's let the Brazilians wallow in their (wholesome) public humiliation in peace.