FIFA World Cup Trophy Involves Gisele and Louis Vuitton, Naturally

If you need more proof that this is Gisele Bundchen's year, if not her decade, look no further than the World Cup presentation ceremony (hint: the Brazilian model is involved). Housed in a chic case designed by Louis Vuitton, the trophy certainly requires a certain level of deference as well as a particularly trusted public figure to complete the hand-off, and Gisele is the ideal candidate for the job. When the Cup is presented to the match's victor at Maracana Stadium on Monday, Gisele will walk the trophy to the stage on behalf of FIFA and Louis Vuitton.

When they revealed their choice to include Bundchen in the process, Louis Vuitton's release stated that due to her Brazilian roots and international prominence, Gisele is just the woman for the task, "epitomizing the Brazilian woman and spreading her country’s colors all over the world."

If the model's spirited emoticons and sporty Instagram captures are to be believed, Gisele does take the sport quite seriously, tweeting a weeping emoticon after watching Brazil lose the tournament following weeks of posts featuring the model in various Brazilian uniformed regalia.

Hopefully, Bundchen will rise above her team loyalty in order to preserve her integrity as trophy keeper; either way, it is bound to be a riveting moment in World Cup history.