Supercut Of the Phrase "Are You Kidding Me" In Movies Is Simply Amazing — VIDEO

Are you kidding me? No seriously, are you? I'm not. JK. I am! Wait, what's going on here? Oh — the brilliant and cinematically minded people at Screen Junkies have composed a super cut of various times people have said "are you kidding me?" in movies. Apparently, screenwriters should check themselves since this is a very, very popular screenwriting trope. People say "are you kidding me?" a hell of a lot in movies.

But this super cut is also fairly educational. There are so many ways to utter this very popular phrase. You can add in the occasional expletive. You can change your intonation. You can be surprised, shocked, angry, or flirtatious. You can be a superhero, a lego, or Seth Green circa 1999. The possibilities are endless. (Also, I've wanted to mention "Seth Green circa 1999" for a REALLY long time.)

So, it's one thing to watch this super cut, but if you want to get something else out of this video, you should try playing games with it. A fun game to play while watching is "how quickly can you identify what movie this is?" Another, more raucous option is to play that same exact game, but with drinking.

Bottom line? The Screen Junkies are pros at finding some weird trends in movies and turning them into Internet gold.

Check out it below! And no, I'm not kidding you about that.

Screen Junkies on YouTube

Image: Screen Junkies/Youtube