4 New MTV Reality Shows Look to Exploit Virgins & Kids Who Can Cook

Am I too old to watch MTV? It's a question that always seems to answer itself with a "maybe?" Shows like Awkward and all those loud Rob Dyrdek series make me think I've outgrown the network, but then, with only so much as a preview posted online, I'm sucked back into MTV with the Challenge (hey, if Paula's still hanging around, I can, too!) and Catfish, a show so repetitive it's actually a boon to us in the elderly community who have a hard time remembering what happened five minutes ago. But MTV's got something big up their sleeve — the network announced today that it has greenlit four new unscripted reality shows that will debut in 2014.

Let's decide if we're definitely too old to watch them, or just, maybe we are?

The first docu-series will air weekly during primetime and is currently called Untitled Virgins Project. Following on the heels of TLC's under-sung The Virgin Diaries, it promises to follow "the lives of young adults as they navigate the world of relationships and sexual pressures all while sharing one major thing in common: virginity." It's not often that MTV follows in the footsteps of The Learning Channel, but I think this safely falls under the category of: we can watch, we're not too old for this. If TLC did it first, we're in the clear.

Then we have MTV's House of Food (working title), which sounds exactly like Top Chef. A bunch of aspiring chefs with no formal culinary training will live in a house together and compete in cooking competitions to earn the top prize of a prestigious apprenticeship. Pretty sure we can certainly tune in to this — age isn't a factor here — but it sounds like we might not want to. With Bravo's strong hold on the foodie reality shows, we don't really have room for any more. Plus, what's a cooking show without Padma?

Next up is Snackdown (working title), a half-hour cooking challenge (again!?) that features contestants who aim to elevate the "mundane munchies" to an art-form. A half-hour series that should find it's home in an afternoon slot, it'll be hosted by Eddie Huang; model and foodie Chrissy Teigan will be at the judges' table. Snackdown sounds like a drawn-out quick fire challenge from (again?!) Top Chef, and while we're kind of into the idea, the fact that Rob Dyrdek came up with the idea for Snackdown makes us a little hesitant. Will there be skateboards? Loud music? T-shirts with logos we don't understand? Guys, we might be too old to watch kids make mini gourmet pizzas using Triscuits, American cheese, and sprinkles.

The Ex and the Why wraps up MTV's reality offering, and will be a half-hour series in which each "brokenhearted participant will walk us through the ups and downs of their failed relationship while our producers lure their ex into a surprise meeting." The goal, besides drama, of course, is to have their lingering questions about the relationship answered. It's pretty obvious that the The Ex and the Why sounds like Catfish, only without the catfish, and while we're all in on Nev's docu-series, it doesn't sound like the Ex and the Why should be on our watch-list. We're too old to watch kids whine about lost love — buuuut, if they wanted to go ahead and bring back Singled Out, or Elimindate, we might find room in our schedule to accommodate those youthful dating series.

Virgins, food, and exes — sounds like MTV has their hands full with this line up, but when it comes to whether or not I'll be watching, the answer, predictably, is a ... maybe?