15 Time Missy Elliott's Outfits Were Supa Dupa Fly

When Missy Elliott descended that staircase during Pharrell's BET Awards opening performance last week, my music loving heart skipped two beats. Not since 2006 have we been blessed with a new album from Elliott and the infectious energy of her flow that night reminded me how much I missed her.

In a time where female rap artists were hyper-sexualized (Lil Kim, Foxy Brown) and rap itself was about thuggin' and/or flossin' (DMX, P.Diddy), Elliott burst on the scene with sick beats — aided by friend and track god Timbaland — and crazy videos infusing the rap scene with some much needed lightheartedness and creativity. I vividly remember seeing the video for her debut single The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) for the first time and thinking I have no idea what I am looking at, but I love it.

As you could imagine, I was most obsessed with Elliott's fashion. Being female and anything but size zero was, and still is, a liability in the entertainment industry, but Elliott never hid her body or downplayed it to serve the industry. Her costuming added to the other worldly nature of her videos and she did not let her frame deter her from making the statement she wanted to make.

We need her creativity once again and I am making this my official plea for a new Missy Elliott album post haste. Until that wonderful day comes, here are 15 times Missy Elliott's music video style was a cut above the rest.

15. Orange, Stripes and Studs

You would never think they would work, but in this guest appearance in the Little Mix video for How Yah Doin? they do.

14. Velvet and Diamonds

Some forget Missy made an appearance in Lady Marmalade.

13. Gold-lamé Coat

A mix of space princess and dancing queen from Beep Me 911 video.

12. The Queen Channels The King

Elvis inspired in Get Your Freak On.

11. Spikes for Days

I would rock this spiked leather jacket from JCole's Nobody's Perfect today.

10. Dramatic Eye

The I'm Really Hot white fur is nice. Those eyelashes though.

9. All the Jewels

The jewelry game is on in Fantasia's Without Me.

8. Canadian Tuxedo

Love this denim on denim from One Minute Man. Oh and yes. She is holding her head.

7. Fancy Camo

If you are going to swing from a chandelier, do it in bedazzled camo print. Just like Elliott in Get Your Freak On.

6. Green on Green

Green sweat suit on a green hill with a black wig in The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly). Makes sense to me.

5. Citrus Colors

The moment she kinda out Diddy'ed Diddy in The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly).

4. Out of This World

She turned herself into a super hero robot in Sock It To Me.

3. Alien Warrior Cowboy

She took to another level in She's a Bitch.

2. My Adidas

Bringing back the Adidas tracksuit in Work It. Her trademark look.

1. Trash Bag Suit

The trash bag suit from The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) shall go down in history, along with those sunglasses.

Images: Tumblr/perries; Giphy (6); Missy Elliott on YouTube