Jane Krakowski Cast in 'Pixels' & Jenna Maroney Would Be Proud (Probably)

Gotta be honest: My first thought upon reading this story was that 30 Rock's Jenna Maroney would honestly be very proud (and probably also jealous which may lead to her committing manslaughter, but we'll put that aside). According to Deadline, Jane Krakowski has joined the sci-fi comedy Pixels , and will star alongside Adam Sandler and Kevin James as the First Lady of the United States and the ex-girlfriend of Sandler's character Jules. Seriously, it checks off everything that Jenna Maroney looks for in films: First Lady character, central role, famous love interest? Role in a movie at all? Somewhere, in an alternate universe far, far away from here, Jenna is pulling her hair out and crying while feeling immensely proud for her blonde doppelganger here in reality.

The film, which will be released in 3D, follows the plotline of aliens invading Earth "after misinterpreting feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of intergalactic war." Krakowski will be the First Lady to President Will Cooper (Kevin James), and Sandler's character Jules will play his childhood BFF who President Cooper enlists to help stop the invasion due to his exceptional video game skills. Considering Jules once dated President Cooper's wife, things maybe get awkward (but hopefully not too much so, because quite frankly they have bigger things to worry about than romantic entanglements).

This is the most recent major role for Krakowski since 30 Rock ended (still crying about this) at the beginning of last year, though she's appeared in guest spots on Modern Family and The Simpsons. As Deadline points out, she's also set to star in the upcoming features Big Stone Gap and Adult Beginners, and she will also appear in Tina Fey's upcoming new comedy series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Seriously, Jenna would be super proud.


OK. I was wrong. Shut it down.

Yay for Jane Krakowski, though!

Images: jupiter2/Tumblr, Uproxx, WiffleGIF