Urban Decay x 'Pulp Fiction?' Yes, Please

What was your first experience with Pulp Fiction? I think mine was when my cool senior friend from the track team had to carefully explain to me why she had dressed up for Halloween in a black wig, and an oversized white button down, with a massive hypodermic needle sticking out of her chest and blood coming out of her nose (I was a very sheltered freshman at the time).

I eventually watched the film after a Inglorious Basterds-induced Tarantino binge shortly after arriving at college (Incidentally, I went as Shosanna Dreyfus that year for Halloween — no gaping bullet holes, though) and I've been a huge fan ever since.

And how about Urban Decay? I think I first noticed them for their Heavy Metal glittery liners at my first trip to Sephora back in the mid aughts, but I didn't actually own any of their products until the first Naked palette came out — and it was all downhill from there (I received the Naked 3 as a Christmas gift this year, and I've worn it pretty much everyday).

Well, guess what. These two completely cool things that I love have teamed up. Yep, according to Refinery29, Urban Decay is launching a Pulp Fuction collection of beauty products. Suffice it to say, I'm a massive fan of both, and I'm sure I'm not alone: so can you say "most awesome collaboration ever?"

Let's take a look at my favorite pieces they have to offer:

Pulp Fiction Palette

First off, it's inscribed with Jules' infamous Ezekiel 25:17 speech — that's pretty much all I need to know to pull the trigger (as it were) on this palette. Plus, it's just a great collection of simple-yet-dramatic neutrals shadows.

Nail Color in Mrs. Mia Wallace

Mia's famed Chanel Vamp polish may be long gone, but you can recreate the drama with this sinister and ever-so-slightly metallic garnet shade. Also, the skull on the top of the bottle is killing me.

Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Gunmetal

Mia didn't wear glittery eyemakeup, but I'm sure she would whole heartedly approve of this color. Plus, gunmetal? It's probably the color of the movie.

The collection launches July 16th — get excited!

Image: Miramax