4 Apps That Will Help You Take Better Selfies

by Carrie Murphy

Everyone takes selfies (or GPOYs aka "gratuitous picture of yourself") now, right? Just say right so I feel less bad about the many selfies I've put on my Instagram and Tumblr account. I mean, whatever, I like to document my outfits, so what? I'm a vain, self-obsessed millennial, I just can't help myself! Anyway, vanity aside, selfies are a thing and tech developers know they're a thing, so that's why there are apps that exist for the sole purpose of making your selfies better. Behold:

Facetune: This helpful app is kind of like Photoshop for your phone. It can smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth, remove red eye and more — of course, nobody will actually see these touches once you add your customary Kelvin feature, but whatevs.

CamMe: I was really excited when I downloaded CamMe, which lets you take a picture of yourself without having to actually hold your phone. Awesome, right? The way CamMe works is by sensing your hand movement; So you pose, put your hand up, close it and then the app shoots a pic. It's cool, although in my experience it's more useful when you actually have a surface to lean your phone up against.

Pixtr: This app is like Facetune, except Pixtr does everything for you in one fell swoop, making your facial features more symmetrical, brightening your skin, everything that's needed to make you look like a better, glowier version of yourself. I don't think Pixtr has the best user experience (the tips when you open the app are annoying. Hi, I just want to make myself look pretty, not learn about stuff, mmmmkay?), but it definitely does enhance your selfies.

Everyday: Use this app to take a picture of yourself every single day, then edit them into a video that shows your progression from blonde to brunette, pale to tan, undreaded to dreaded, or whatever it may be. Sounds labor intensive, but the videos are actually really cool.