'Orphan Black' Renewed For Season 3, So Expect More Wild & Crazy Clone Times

It's been a few weeks since the Season 2 finale of Orphan Black aired and plunged me into another long hiatus, but never fear: Orphan Black has been renewed for Season 3. You can likely expect even more clones, even more cliffhangers, and even more awards talk for Tatiana Maslany.

The renewal was announced at the Television Critics Association summit Wednesday. It's hardly a huge surprise that BBC America decided to bring Orphan Black back: It may not be drawing Game Of Thrones numbers (who is, really?) but it's doing well enough as an anchor for the network, especially when you take into account the praise Maslany gets on a weekly basis.

It must be tricky to take such a high-concept show to its second season — the show's premiere season was such a whirlwind in part because none of the characters had any idea what was going on and we were watching them piece everything together. The second season had to step away from that by sheer necessity, but that didn't put a stop to the crazy speed at which the show travels. In a way, this season had a bit of a learning curve to it, so it'll be even more interesting to see what they're cooking up for next. There's hardly anything on TV quite like it.

Now, do you think Helena will ever reunite with that Jesse dude?

Image: BBC America