'Catfish' Season 3 Ends on a High Note

by Nicole Pomarico

It's a body modification love story, guys! On tonight's Catfish — which is, unfortunately, the Season 3 finale — we meet a tatted up, piercing-obsessed couple who have never met, and whose relationship might be lost forever. In "Bianca and Brogan," the long distance lovers' story began when they bonded over sharing tattoo ideas and realized they had just about everything in common. But as soon as Bianca wanted to video chat, Brogan disappeared into thin air. For a year. Never a good sign, right? No way. Eventually, Brogan reappeared (they always do!) and Bianca needs the assistance of Catfish to get down to the bottom of this. This time, however, it's a little different. Model Selita Ebanks, a huge fan of the show (and catfish victim), will be along for the ride, helping Nev and Max crack this case.

Which brings me to this question: If Nev and Max are accepting ridealongs, where do I apply? Apparently, this is models only, but I do have high hopes for Season 4. Anyway, Nev, Max, and Selita meet up with Bianca to figure out what's up. I really want to believe this is going to work out, but Brogan is way too cute to be the real deal. And, um, then there's the fact that David Spade is randomly calling in. What's going on, guys? What if he's Brogan? Now that's a season finale.

Stage one of the research brings us the following answer: There was definitely some sort of pregnancy for the girl in the pictures. Score one for Selita, who made this call from the beginning. "There are only a few reasons a bitch would go missing," she says, ever so eloquently. Can we keep her around next year? She brings a whole new style to Catfish.

However, it's not boding well for poor Bianca, because a cached Tumblr post brings up a question from someone asking who Brogan is, and the user replies that it's someone who's using her pictures. Told ya!

Not that I'm that vindicated by being right, because Bianca's really upset that Brogan's lying, and it's breaking my heart! Now comes the part that makes every Internet liar shake in their boots: Nev's phone call to Brogan, asking if they can come see her. Right off the bat, Brogan admits that her name is Tia, and she wanted to tell Bianca herself that she lied, but now it's obviously too late. And unlike many other Catfish? Brogan — I mean Tia — says now is the best time to get things out in the open. Pack your bags, ya'll. We're going to Iowa!

So the gang (including Selita) roll up to Tia's house, and, predictably, the girl who answers the door isn't Brogan at all. She's actually a nice girl, though. She's sorry, she looks great in pink, and she cries as she explains that her disappearance was her way of giving up her "addiction to being Brogan" when she realized how wrong her actions were. But this doesn't mean I (or Bianca) can actually forgive her lies so easily, and Bianca admittedly doesn't feel bad at all that Tia's so upset about 'fessing up.

But there's always a post mortem, and Nev, Max, and Selita are headed to meet up with Tia to get the answers they're looking for. As it turns out, when this all began, Tia was uncomfortable with her weight, struggling with her sexuality, and had been sexually assaulted, so her desire to escape her real life is very understandable. The all-knowing Max is pretty convinced that if Bianca heard Tia's side of the story, she might go a little easier on the misunderstood catfish, so off we go to the hotel!

Fortunately, Bianca's ready to hear Tia out, and the lines of communication are open. They've listened to each other and it's time to cue those emotional ducks who are swimming on the river at sunset. Aaaand with that suddenly positive conclusion, Season 3 is officially a wrap.

Farewell, my Max and Nev. See ya next time around!

Images: MTV; Giphy (2)