Britney Spears Without Auto-Tune Isn't as Bad as These 5 Artists With Auto-Tune

Since hearing what Britney Spears' sounds real voice sounds like, it has been brought to light just what a wonder of a modern invention Auto-Tune is. It's a technology that defines our modern musical landscape, whether we hear it or not. It can do anything from give pop stars the illusion of talent to make an artistic statement about how technology can isolate or bring people together. No matter what the olds say, Auto-Tune isn't some sort of disease plaguing the music of today — it just takes music to an entirely new and different place.

But like most musical tools, Auto-Tune is only as good as the artist who's using it. It can be great in the hands of a visionary musician or professional team of producers, but it can become a weapon to ears everywhere in the hands of someone less talented or experienced. As proof, here are some of the worst Auto-Tuned tracks of today. Britney Spears pitchy voice may be saved by production magic, but these songs were so bad they couldn't even be saved by Auto-Tune. A warning to all who enter here: listen at your own risk.

Thamys, "Party @ Ur House"


It's like the song someone makes after watching their first first Kesha video at church camp... Thamys is adamant about "party[ing] hard," but somehow, I don't quite believe it. This video is full of so many cringingly awkward teens that I just want to give them all a hug.

Paris Hilton, "Good Time"

ParisHiltonVEVO on YouTube

This song most certainly would not have existed without Auto-Tune, and I'm not sure whether to curse or bless it. On the one hand, it brings us another terrible song from Paris Hilton's "singing" career... but on the other hand, it brings the absurd public persona known as Paris Hilton back into our lives.

The Game feat. Germ Ghee, "Red Rockin"

Pradeep Karir on YouTube

Pro tip: it's really hard to take any threats seriously when they're delivered exclusively in Auto-Tune.

D4NNY, "Goodbye"

D4NNY on YouTube

The lyrics make you want to pat this skinny little guy on the head and tell him everything will be okay, but the copious and unnecessary use of Auto-Tune makes you want to slap some sense into him.

Rebecca Black, "Friday"

rebecca on YouTube

And how could you not mention the girl whose claim to fame is a bunch of bad lyrics slathered in Auto-Tune. It may be a tired reference, but it's a prime example of Auto-Tune gone wrong, and proof that minors should not be subjected to it.