He Wore a Bright Pink Bunny Suit for a Good Reason

If you landed on this page because you were walking around Venice Beach, Calif. on Wednesday and thought you saw Josh Duhamel in a bunny suit, you were right. The man you saw was, in fact, Duhamel dressed like a giant pink bunny. As for everyone else here, get ready to see a bunch of photos of Duhamel in a ridiculous costume, I guess. So what was Duhamel doing? Making sure you didn't forget about him? Promoting Fergie's new fragrance? Trying to make himself sweat more like those people at the gym who wear garbage bags? None of the above! Duhamel was wearing a bunny suit for a good cause.

According to E! Online, Duhamel was raising awareness for early childhood education. Duhamel is working with the children's charity Jumpstart and their Read for the Record initiative. So how does the bunny suit fit into this? The organization is asking that people unite in reading the children's book Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells on Oct. 21. As Jumpstart explains on their website, "Read for the Record, mobilizes millions of children and adults to celebrate literacy by participating in the largest shared reading experience." Last year, 2,462,860 children came together across the country to read Otis by Loren Long.

It just so happened that this year's book is about a bunny, so in addition to spreading the word of a good cause, as this year's Read for the Record celebrity ambassador, Duhamel also brought the world ridiculous photos of himself in a bunny costume walking around and playing basketball. (It looks like he was also recording some sort of PSA.) Nothing makes little kids want to read like seeing a grown man walk around in a pink bunny costume. I'm being serious! All you have to do is tell your kid, "Hey, remember when we saw that man dress as a bunny?" "Yeahhhh!" they'll respond. Then you'll say, "This book is about him." Instant classic.

Here's how Duhamel spent his day.

He posed for photos.

He sat in the sand.

He played basketball.

He hung out with kids.

He hopped around.

And he looked inexplicably sad.

Come on, man! You can't look that sad and lonely in a bunny suit!