Zac Efron Is Totally Tatted, Y'all

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you’re ever able to tear your eyes away from looking at his abs long enough, you might notice something else about Neighbors actor and High School Musical alum — Zac Efron has two tattoos. Well, he has two visible tattoos. He could have some hidden ones, but he's shirtless all the time so unless it's very hidden, I think two is a safe bet. Whether it's an effort to once and for all shed the Disney Channel image he started out with (although rehab probably put a kibosh on that one) or he’s just really into getting inked, he sure does make tattoos look good. Like, drooling-on-my-keyboard-and-planning-our-wedding good.

The actor’s ink first got some attention after his regrettable decision to have "YOLO" tattooed in small letters along his right hand in 2011. He debuted his new tattoo, which we all now know to stand for “You Only Live Once,” while in Tokyo promoting his (terrible) rom-com ensemble film New Year’s Eve, and many speculated the positive message might have been a result of his breakup with fellow Disney actress Vanessa Hudgens. At the time, the phrase hadn’t been appropriated by drunk frat bros and that Drake song wasn't yet overplayed, so he probably thought it was a really cool, philosophical thing to do. Like something someone who’s really into yoga and drinking kale smoothies would choose. Not so much. Efron's tattoo has become such a joke that someone lovingly erected a Twitter account in its honor. He's more than forgiven, though, because abs.

If seeing that hasn't changed your opinion of him forever, you'll be happy to know his next foray into the wide and varied world of tattooing resulted in a double feather image along the inside of his jaw-droppingly muscular right bicep, which he showed the world when he starred as cover boy for Men's Health magazine in 2012. Wait. Do you hear that? Oh. It's just the sound of everyone in the world collectively swooning. Casual.

He was photographed getting it touched up and looked remarkably unfazed. Then again, he is practically a god amongst men, so it's not that remarkable. His latest ink? Some fraternity symbols for his character in Neighbors.

Relax. It isn't permanent. It's just an excuse to look at his bicep again. And his abs. And his hair. Although, if anyone were to pull off a borderline douchey frat tattoo, it would be Efron.

Source: Men's Health