Why You Should Put Volcanic Ash On Your Skin

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I've often considered myself a connoisseur of nature. Never one to hoard information, I find myself eager to offer up a natural remedy for any blemish, stomach-ache, or headache my friends suffer from. Growing up, my mother and grandmother were a wealth of information for quick fixes that could be found in their garden or kitchen cupboard. Just when I think I know everything, nature seems to surprise me by adding yet another amazing product to my beauty routine.

This summer, I had an Australian houseguest that I adored instantly. As someone usually covered in coconut oil from head to toe, I found her permanent scent of tea tree oil comforting and endearing. The first evening we met, we gabbed about our favorite oils over cocktails. She told me that her go-to for natural, clear skin was not an oil at all. In fact, it was a natural clay that folks from her neck of the woods were gobbling up daily: Volcanic ash. She even had a specific type preference called Multani Mitti.

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I'd seen Multani Mitti, specifically, in various stores and stumbled upon it during research on natural skincare remedies, but had yet to delve too far into an unknown substance. As it turns out, Multani Mitti — better known to some as Fuller's Earth — is one hell of a substance with some seriously serious beauty properties. This clay material is derived from volcanic ash and is mined in about 24 states in the United States, often costing less than $5 for a substantial amount that will hook you up for at least a month. It's naturally plentiful in magnesium chloride which is killer for acne treatment.

Multani Mitti increases blood circulation, removes blackheads, gives pores a sweet breath of fresh air, AND acts as a natural cleanser. No wonder the military often uses this ash to decontaminate clothing. According to Style Craze's website, this clay is sweat resistant and can also be a bomb hair treatment. It's naturally high in sulfur, which is a key ingredient for increasing our skin's elasticity to reduce premature aging.

Volcanic ash has been used for centuries for a variety of cures and therapies; it's anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, AND, has those antiseptic qualities that all bods need to fight off germs from the outside world. The Volcanic Earth website also states that volcanic ash is naturally high in sulfur, which is a key ingredient for increasing our skin's elasticity to reduce premature aging. Regardless of where in the world your volcanic ash was found, it's going to treat your hair and skin like a queen. Multani Mitti isn't the only way to get the sweet minerals of the earth inside your pores, MAC actually makes an exfoliate that I would personally shell out some cash for...if it weren't for the fact that you can find volcanic ash, sans fancy label, and make your own bomb facial treatments.

Of course, not all of us have volcanic ash at our fingertips and personally, I have some serious concerns about recommending digging around an active volcano — even for a bangin' beauty product. Multani Mitti can solve that prob for you, since it's easy, cheap, and SAFE to find!

Warning: If your suffer from dry skin, mix your clay with your fave essential oil, because this ash def has the ability to cause dryness due to its natural ability to absorb excess oils.

Ready to start playing around in volcanic ash? Thought so! Multani Mitti is incredibly versatile, mix it with lemon to and primrose to control oily skin and combat pimples or use as a serious astringent by applying as a mask with some water.