'True Detective' Season 2 Leads Will Be Announced "Within a Week" & We're So Excited

We've heard a lot of interesting news coming from the TCAs, but none moreso than this: According to the Huffington Post on Twitter, the season two leads of True Detective will be announced soon — and, apparently, whoever the actors are, they're "well-known" faces in Hollywood. At this point, the excitement is almost too much to handle.

"Prepare to freak out: #TrueDetective S2 cast will be announced “within a week" and they'll be "well-known names" #TCA14," the tweet, which was sent from the Huffington Post TV account, reads. There are no other hints offered, of course, likely because the TCA panel didn't supply more than that — HBO likes to keep everything involving True Detective really under wraps. There's good reason for that, though: the Internet is probably gonna explode when the new cast is announced soon.

So, with no more to go off of than this, let's recap what we already know for sure: As previously reported, season two of the series will be set in a part of California that is "lesser-known" than Los Angeles (which is basically everywhere else apart from Orange County and San Francisco), and there will be four leads total. As for our two central detectives, one will be female and one will be male — but Jessica Chastain will likely not be involved.

Then again...these could all be rumors, and it could be that we, like Jon Snow...know nothing. (This joke will never get old.) Who knows!

Image: HBO