People Are Buying Less But Spending More On Clothes, So How Many Flip Flops Is One Designer Coat Worth?

Despite that fact that I still make a payday trip to Forever 21 and purchase things I don't need at least once a month, apparently fast fashion is becoming less popular than, well... buying things that are actually going to last more than one rinse/dry cycle. According to Fashionista, a recent study showed that on average, people are buying less but spending more when it comes to clothes shopping. Interesting, right?

While the article also noted that fast fashion doesn't seem to be slowing down exactly (where else are we going to buy those trendy pieces that we won't want to wear in two weeks?), people are more careful with how they are spending their money – meaning that when it comes to shopping, quality is winning out over quantity for the first time in a long time.

But which is better? Why buy one gorgeous bag when you can buy 12 to 14 trendy full outfits a fashion fashion mega store? Sure, the bag is glorious, but what are you going to wear in the summer? What about the rest of the outfit? How are you going to buy dinner? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Here are three examples of single expensive pieces you could buy...and what you could buy with the same money instead.

That Designer Dress You've Been Dying For...

Alexander McQueen Jacquard-Knit Mini Dress, $2,290,

...OR about 380 Pairs of Forever 21 Sunglasses

F2009 Half-Frame Sunglasses, $5.80,

The Purse Of Your Dreams...

Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic patent-leather shoulder bag, $1,950,

...OR 325 H&M T-shirts

V-neck Top, $5.95,

The BEST Coat Ever....

Miu Miu Embellished-Collar Crepe Coat, $2,815,

... OR 1,126 Pairs Of Old Navy Flip Flops

Women's Classic Flip Flop, $2.50,

Of course, no one really needs that many pairs of flip flops or sunglasses (well, maybe sunglasses...those are fun), but the comparisons still show JUST how expensive quality can be sometimes. Whatever happened to happy mediums, guys? As for me, neither 1,126 pairs of flip flops nor an almost $3,000 coat are options given my budget. So I'll probably opt for a few Forever 21 sunnies, a T-shirt or two and then, you know, enough money to feed myself and pay for gas. But I'll still be dreaming about that dress.