Are Michael Sheen & Lizzy Caplan Dating In Real Life? They're Pretty Hot Together on 'Masters of Sex'...

When we last left the stars of Masters of Sex in Season 1, Michael Sheen's Masters was in the rain telling Lizzy Caplan's Virginia that he couldn’t live without her, which about as romantic as it gets. Unfortunately, it isn’t real life and it was Masters proclaiming his love for Virginia in the Season 1 finale of Masters of Sex. Now that the show is back for Season 2, it'd be natural to know if all that chemistry is palpable because Sheen and Caplan are dating in real life. But are they together? Prepare for some serious disappointment, IRL 'shippers. It turns out that Michael Sheen is actually taken... and not by his co-star.

Sheen's new partner in crime is funny lady Sarah Silverman. The pair were first spotted together in February but appeared arm-in-arm for the first time at the MET gala, but it was hard to notice when we were all so focused on Solange Knowles and Elevatorgate. In May, Silverman opened up about her relationship with Sheen on The View, "Look, this is so awkward. Listen, I love his body, but I also love what's on the inside.” Plus, we will actually get to see the couple in action together because Silverman joined the Masters of Sex cast for Season 2.

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Aren't they cute?

As for Caplan, she had a six-year relationship with Matthew Perry that ended in 2012. The Daily Mail reported that they split because Perry wasn’t ready to get married. She is single at the moment, and she’s amazing, so men are probably lining up to date her. I know I would.

It’s safe to say that for right now Sheen and Caplan are just friends who get naked together…a lot. But you never know because Sheen is known for being quite the ladies' man. Dare I say, he may just be the next George Clooney? He's never been married, and he's dated his fair share of Tinseltown's It girls like Rachel McAdams, Kate Beckinsale (with whom he has a daughter), ballet dancer Lorraine Stewart, and VH1 personality Carrie Keagan. So basically, what I’m trying to say is that Michael Sheen might actually be The Master of Sex and that Lizzy Caplan is free as a bird. The end.

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