Justin Timberlake Posts Throwback Baby Picture That Leaves Us With a Lot of Questions

Throwback Thursday is usually a celebrity baby picture gold mine. While us mere mortals would set our house on fire to destroy those blasted baby pictures our parents keep pulling out every time we bring a boyfriend home, celebrities seem to love to show off how they managed to grow from chubby-cheeked bundles of joy to mega-rich and mega-famous, flaw-free American royalty. However, when Justin Timberlake posted a throwback baby picture of his own, I couldn't help but stop and stare. And stare. And bite my lip to keep from laughing.

Admittedly, the Justin Timberlake of the present looks completely different from the Justin Timberlake of the past. We all remember 'N Sync. We all remember that hair. We forgive Timberlake a lot of fashion faux pas because the '90s were a dark time for everyone fashion-wise (except Melissa Joan Hart on Clarissa Explains it All, of course) but this picture features an adorable little Timberlake holding a banjo and wearing — wait for it — bright red patterned dungarees.

I'm not saying that he had any choice in the matter and it's not that he doesn't look adorable in it, but of all the baby pictures he could have chosen to share, why did he choose one with BRIGHT RED PATTERNED DUNGAREES? I have so many questions, Timberlake. So many.

  1. Bright red patterned dungarees? Were you a bright patterned dungarees type of child or was this your special banjo-performance outfit?
  2. Did they pay you for playing the banjo?
  3. Does banjo music really go with guitar and cello music? I'm not really that experienced with the dulcet sounds of the banjo.
  4. How early in life did you start rocking that 'N Sync perm?
  5. Were you doing a banjo solo? Is there such a thing as banjo solos?
  6. If you can play the banjo, how have you not incorporated that into a song on one of your albums yet? Come on, Timberlake, it's new and different!
  7. Why are you the only one not wearing sandals?
  8. Was there food at this party?
  9. What song were you singing? (My guess: You might been hurt babe, dat ain't no liiiiiie...)
  10. No, seriously, back to the dungarees? Where can I buy a pair for the special child in my life?
  11. Would I have become talented and famous if I'd worn dungarees too? This question will haunt me forever.

Image: justintimberlake/Instagram