Katy Perry Buries Herself in New "Roar" Promo. What Does This Mean For Her Image?

It seems Katy Perry is hinting at some serious reinvention. Not only did the singer already burn her patented "California Gurls" wig in a previous promo for her upcoming single, "Roar," but Perry is implying that her old persona is all but dead.

And how is she doing so? Well, with a spot in which she actually buries herself before the release of her next album, Prism, with Teenage Dream teenagers mourning the loss of their cotton candy singer.

So we don't know exactly how Perry will revamp her image — but it's all but guaranteed that the vamp will become much darker come her next album's Oct. 22 release date. (Oh god, please don't let this grave metaphor lead to an undead vampire phase for the singer.) Indeed, Perry has said that she will not "try and duplicate what I did last time" on Teenage Dream, which calls for an album far less sugar-spun than her last dreamy effort.

Even her singles have singled a darker turn, with her last three — "The One That Got Away," "Part of Me," and "Wide Awake" — seemingly tapping into Perry's post-divorce life following her break-up with Russell Brand. In fact, we haven't seen a bubbly Perry since "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" in 2011.

But will it be enough to outsell Lady Gaga, who we can also expect reinvention from with her next effort, Nov. 11's ARTPOP? Let's give Perry some credit — she's certainly trying.