Orgasm Scene In 'When Harry Met Sally' Wasn't That Natural for Meg Ryan — VIDEO

One of my favorite hobbies is going into delis and pretending that white fish salad is more pleasurable than a vibrator. I'm KIDDING. It takes a lot to fake an orgasm in a deli, and Meg Ryan would know — Rob Reiner had to teach Ryan how to fake a big O for that classic scene in When Harry Met Sally . In fact, he told the Huffington Post all about it.

Reiner said:

Meg was nervous. Obviously you're in front of extras and all the crew members and everything. So the first few times we did it, she did it kind of weak. It was a little tepid [...] I said, 'Look, let me show you what I want' after a few takes that weren't so good.

When was the last time you heard an orgasm touted as "tepid?" Eek.

Now, while I find it difficult to believe that Ryan had to learn how to fake an orgasm — and if she's never faked one in her life, then she's just pretty damn lucky — it's easy to get behind the fact that having a volcanic orgasm in public might be a little nerve-wracking. I get anxiety ordering my drink of choice at Starbucks sometimes. But I cannot possibly imagine being told by a director how to emit orgasmic sounds, even though, hmm, I imagine that this is an everyday sorta thing for porn actors. Regardless, here's a new wave of weird sex advice for ya — Male Directors Teaching You How An Orgasm Should Sound. (Cringes.) But oh, the things people do when they have a killer Nora Ephron script in their hands...

You can watch Reiner recall the whole story, and demonstrate his instructions for pseudo-orgasming, in the video below. So, will you have what he's having?

Image: Columbia Pictures