Soulja Boy’s Self-Written Wikipedia Bio Really Shows How Far He’s Come

Long ago, back in the year of 2006, there lived a young man named DeAndre Way, who would later become Soulja Boy, or Soulja Boy Tell'em depending on how formal you want to be. Sure of the fact that he would become famous, he wrote his own Wikipedia bio. Now, a Redditor has brought to the Internet's attention Soulja Boy's rather endearing self-written Wikipedia bio, which reads as follows:

Look at that, he had the prescience to foresee that within a years' time he'd have an enormous hit — that hit being the eponymous "Crank That (Soulja Boy)." (Which you might assume had more mainstream appeal than "Make Ya Face Beat Up My Handz" or "Doo Doo Head.")

Of course, it's worth mentioning that this autobiography from eight years ago is markedly different from his current, revised Wikipedia bio, which not only documents all that he's accomplished in his still very young career, it also happens to be written by someone other than Soulja Boy. And isn't being successful enough to not have to write your own Wikipedia page the biggest accomplishment of all?